Introducing the new Tow Log #424 Log Book

Ensure Compliance and Transparency with the New Tow Log® #424

At Log Books Unlimited, we're dedicated to providing solutions that streamline your towing operations and ensure adherence to regulations. We're excited to announce the launch of our newest product, the Tow Log® #424!

Designed with the Towing Industry in Mind

The Tow Log® #424 is a comprehensive record-keeping solution specifically tailored for towing companies. Developed in collaboration with the experts at, this log book equips you with everything you need to document vehicle impounds efficiently and transparently.

Streamlined Record-Keeping

The Tow Log® #424 features a clear and easy-to-use layout, allowing for quick and accurate recording of essential information for each impounded vehicle.

Compliance and Transparency

The Tow Log® #424 helps you maintain detailed records that meet towing regulations and industry best practices. This comprehensive documentation ensures transparency and accountability, protecting both your business and your customers.

Invest in Peace of Mind

With the Tow Log® #424, you can rest assured that you have a reliable and compliant record-keeping system in place. 
  • Compliance with Regulations: Many states and municipalities have regulations regarding towing practices, which often include requirements for record-keeping. A towing log book helps you document essential details about each tow, ensuring you meet these regulations.
  • Protecting Yourself Legally: Detailed records can be crucial in case of disputes with customers or legal issues. A towing log book provides a clear record of events, protecting your business from false claims or accusations.
  • Transparency and Customer Trust: Maintaining a towing log book demonstrates transparency and professionalism to your customers. Detailed records show customers exactly what happened to their vehicle, fostering trust and building positive relationships.
  • Improved Efficiency: A well-designed towing log book can streamline your record-keeping process. By having a designated place to capture all the necessary information, you can save time and minimize administrative burdens.
In conclusion, keeping a towing log book is not just a good practice, it can be essential for ensuring compliance with regulations, protecting your business legally, building trust with customers, and improving operational efficiency.

Get Your Tow Log® #424 Today!

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