Useful Information

Everything that goes into a Log Book 

  • US Letter

    8.5 x 11 in | 216 x 279 mm

    • Most common size for standard Log Books
    • Slightly wider and shorter than A4 Paper
  • Legal

    8.5 x 14 in | 215 x 355 mm

    • Second most common size for standard Log Books
  • US Trade

    6 x 9 in | 152 x 229 mm

    • Small enough to easily take with you and provides more writing room than a pocket sized Log Book
  • Tabloid

    11 x 17 in | 279 x 432 mm

    • Typically used for Log Books that have diagrams and large tables
  • A4

    8.27 x 11.69 in | 210 x 297 mm

    • A4 is a paper size that is used for a wide range of documents
    • Slightly narrower and longer than US Letter
  • Arch B

    12 x 18 in | 304 x 457 mm

    • One of the largest formats, typically used for Log Books that record a lot of data
    • If you take lots of notes you might consider this size

Paper Types/ Thickness

  • 60lb.

    Features a smooth finish that is great for writing with pen and offers a professional look. Our brand is a higher grade than copy paper.
  • 70lb.

    Is a thicker stock than its 60lb. counterpart or copy paper, offering a more premium look and a higher level of opacity. It is easy to write on and is the standard stock for most of our log books
  • 100lb.

    Thicker and heavier than 70lb. text, it has a more upscale, sharp and appealing look with a higher-end feel. This premium paper features higher opacity for two-sided printing for minimal show through the opposite side.
  • 20lb. Water Resistant Paper

    All weather writing paper that sheds water, allowing you to write anywhere, in any weather.

Binding Styles 

  • Casebound - Hard Cover

    The pages are sewn together in sections and then glued to a flexible spine. The cover will be made of thick board which is wrapped in a cover material. Some casebound books are smyth-sewn and others are knotched glue binded. This is the most popular type of binding for a log book since it is one of the most durable binding methods. When looking for legal assurance, a hardcover book is really the one and only choice.
  • Wire Bound

    Twin metal loops in wire-o bound books are one long piece of wire formed into individual loops. These loops are hooked into each hole and then mechanically clamped together with the "seam" inside the back cover. Twin-loop metal coils enable users to turn pages 360 degrees and lay the book completely flat.
  • Saddle Stitch

    Interior pages are folded and inserted between the cover, then stapled along the “spine” edge.
  • Wrap Around

    Heavy stock paper that wraps around a booklet of carbonless copy forms. The cover starts near the spine, wrapping around the forms and back up to the perforation at the binding stub. Enabling a barrier between copy sets while writing.

Cover Materials  

  • Tanotex

    Coated cloth with leather-like finish. The cloth is extremely durable and also has outstanding water and soil resistance.
  • Buckram (OBV)

    Coated cloth with an aqueous acrylic coating. With a vellum finish, it has a very uniform surface.
  • Milbank (Linen & Vellum)

    100% natural cotton cloth, coated with an aqueous acrylic coating. Available in both a linen and vellum finish, this premium cloth has the look and feel of a woven fabric.
  • Kivar 7

    Lightweight latex-saturated covering material.


Custom foil stamping on faux leather or cloth covers will really make your hardcover books stand out from the crowd. Although we typically use a silver or gold foil we offer a variety of other colours to suit your brand.

An extra charge will apply to make a magnesium die for logo/ branding. Cost-effective if you plan to frequently re-order. Complex logos will have to be simplified to meet die making requirements.

  • Black

    High contrast for a professional look
  • Blue

    One of the most commonly used cover colour for a standard look
  • Brown

    Muted brown for an archival look
  • Green

    Rich, jewel tone for a scholarly look
  • Red

    Bright, bold red for a rich look

Additional Information

Among one of the most important purposes to well documented records is to keep up to date with your legal obligations. Log Books Unlimited specializes in providing these legally accountable evidences. In addition to ensuring due diligence, the ease-of-use, high-calibre structure and professional look of our product speaks volumes for your companies integrity during an external audit.