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Custom log books are a meaningful investment. Precise layouts, tailored to your requirements, enable quick and accurate data entry, saving you valuable time.

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If you/ your company has ordered previously send us an email ( with your Custom Re-Order # or give us a call at 1-877-564-2665.

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Custom log books improve data accuracy, reduce administration time and ensure your legal and inspection compliance. You can customize your Log Book many different ways, and make it personal to your company, to give off the best impression.

Frequently Asked Questions

Custom log books provide precise layouts tailored to your requirements, enabling quick and accurate data entry. This saves time, improves data accuracy, reduces administration time, and ensures legal and inspection compliance.

To order a custom log book, you can fill out the Custom Log Book form above. We will then email you with a formal quote. If you have ordered previously, you can email your Custom Re-Order number to or call 1-877-564-2665.

Yes, you can reorder a custom log book by sending an email with your Custom Re-Order number or by calling our toll-free number. We keep your design on file for easy reordering. When you place a reorder, you can also request any modifications you would like for the next batch.

You can customize your log book in many different ways to make it personal to your company and to give off the best impression. Customize your binding type, book size, cover type, binding side, color, single-sided or two-sided, quantity, custom title and more!

Yes, you can create a custom journal or travel book with us. We offer a variety of customization options to suit your preferences. If you aren’t sure where to start we can also provide you with some digital samples. We can work with a variety of file types including: excel, word, pdfs or even a rough scribble on paper.

Absolutely! Our design team is available to assist you with creating a custom design that meets your requirements. We can also provide templates and design guidelines.

You can contact Log Books Unlimited by phone at 1-877-564-2665 or by email at

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