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Pull Station "In Case of Fire" Products Include:
  • Stock Numbers; #83, #84, #683, #688, #783 & #788

Materials Available:
  • Vinyl (Bundles of 5, 25, 50 and 100)
  • Rigid Plastic
  • Metal / Aluminum (Gold or Silver)

Fire Hose Cabinet Labels Include:
  • Stock Numbers;  #508-V (Metal Cabinets) & #508 Reverse (Glass Cabinets) 

Other Labels Include:
  • Fire Exit / Fire Door, Fire Alarm, Fire Extinguisher, Hotel, Sprinkler Valve, Emergency Fire Door, No Smoking, Etc. 

*We can Customize or Create any Label or Sign!*

Signs & Labels for Every Business! Improve safety within your facility. Signs for offices, retail stores, apartments, and more. All of our signs are manufactured in Canada. Customize signs & labels with your own text, logos, and colours.