Fire Protection Equipment Log Book #298A

Fire Protection Equipment Log Book #298A

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8.5" x  11"  -  128 Numbered Pages (2 Year Period)
(Case Bound, Hard Cover)

Fire Protection Equipment Log Book for Recording Maintenance, Inspections, Tests, Repairs, Extinguishers, etc.

The most widely used book of it's kind in North America. First introduced by Log Books Unlimited in 1980. 

Designed with input from Fire Departments, The Fire Marshal's Office and many Fire Protection Service Companies. We have produced a user friendly book that enables you to record maintenance, inspections and tests on all necessary items in the Fire Code.

Each book covers a two-year period.

Entry Sections Including:

  • Weekly Fire Safety Maintenance Duties: Date, Hoods/Filters/Ducts, Sprinkler Control Valves, Dry Pipe Air Pressure, Pressure Tanks, Reservoir Water Level, Operating Condition of Fire Pump, Batteries, Lubrication & Fuel Supplies for Fire Pump, Valve Enclosure Heating Equipment, Signature

  • Weekly Maintenance: Date, Defects, Service Notes, Signature

  • Weekly Maintenance Duties – Emergency Power System: Make & Model, Date, Consumables, Starter, Batteries & Charger, Engine, Control Panel, Other, Signature

  • Monthly Maintenance Duties & Running Tests – Emergency Power Generators: Date, Engine, Generator, Signature

  • Monthly Maintenance and Inspection of Hoses, Sprinklers & Water Supply Equipment: Date, Fire Doors, Fire Hoses, Welding/Cutting Equip., Water Level in Tanks, Water Supply Valves, Sprinklers, Test Voice Communication & Loud Speakers, Signature

  • Monthly Inspection of Emergency Lighting: Location of Unit or Remote Lamp, Check Pilot Lights, Terminal Connections Clean & Lubricated, Terminal Clamps Clean & Tight, Electrolyte Level & Specific Gravity, Battery Surface Clean & Dry, Test Unit Ensure Lights Function Upon Failure of Primary Power, Date and Inspected By

  • Monthly Inspection of Fire Extinguishers: Unit No. & Location, Type, Size, Serial No.

  • Monthly Inspections of Fire Alarm: Date, Pull Station Location, Results, Audible Signal Appliance Location, Annunciator Readings, Battery, Trouble Signal, Signature of Certified Technician

  • Monthly Inspection of Voice Communication: Date, Hand Set Locations, Results, Speaker Locations, Annunciator Readings, Signature of Certified Technician

  • *NEW 2023* - Monthly Verification of Elevator Firefighters Emergency Operation (Lobby checks, In-car Checks) 
  • Fire Safety Maintenance Duties: Test Sprinkler Transmitters & Waterflow Actuated Devices, Fire Alarm Drill (High Rise Buildings), Firefighters Elevators, Level of Priming Water for Dry-Pipe System, Valve Supervisory Switches, Tank Water Level Device, Supervisory Devices

  • Annual Inspection of Standpipe System: Location, Plugs or Caps, Cabinet, Age, Condition, Date Re-Racked, Water Valve, Signature

  • Emergency Power System (Generators): Every 6 Months, Annual (Control Panel, Engine, Generator, Transfer Switch), Every 2, 3, and 5 Years – Engine Inspections

  • Annual Fire Safety Maintenance: Replace Smoke Alarm Batteries and Test Smoke Alarms, Inspect Fire Dampers/Fire Stop Flaps, etc.; Date and Signature

  • Additional Fire Protection Equipment: Date, Device, Operation or Pressures, Results, Signature

  • Fire Drill: Date, Time, Comments, Signature

Having a bound and sewn hard cover with numbered pages, the Book will provide you with a legal document which will reduce your liability should a fire occur. 


ISBN # 978-1-927927-02-1

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Black cover log books with log books unlimited text on the front cover.

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