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Counterbalance Internal Combustion (Propane) Truck Log + Checklist Caddy #LOG(CB)



4.75" x  8" (Poly Plastic Case) -  4.5" x 7.5" (Lift Truck Log)
(Wrap-Around, Card Cover) - (2-3 Year Period)

Lift Truck Equipment Logbooks contain a complete checklist for pre-shift visual and operational inspection.

The Lift Log comes in a highly durable and visible storage case that can be easy mounted anywhere on the forklift with double sided tape.

The history of the mechanical condition of the truck will be easily at hand. Included with the highly visible plastic holder is a lock-out tag and cable tie to tag-out rejected equipment for safety adherence.

All-in-One Fork Log Package Includes:

  • 624+ Entries - Daily Forklift Checklists
  • 24 Forms - Repair Request (2-part)
  • 4 Forms - Accident Report (2-Part)
  • 4 Forms - Near-miss Report (2-part)
  • 36 Events - PM Tracking History
  • Lock-Out Tags (Required if truck is unsafe to operate)
  • Durable & Visible Poly Plastic Case
  • A Pen with Plastic Coil Wire
  • Lock-out Tag with Pull Strap